Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arx Aurum

We're doing some alchemy today - turning lead into gold, courtesy of my good friend John. He received these two gold-plated figures from the Ral Partha collectors club back in the early 80s.

This is the original version of ES1 - Evil Wizard (later 01-001) which I think beats the other versions hands down.

And this is the special promo piece of "Ral" the caster.

The name Ral Partha came from a D&D character played by John Winkler, who worked as a caster at Ral Partha (the company) for many years. This is a figure of him at work with heavy gloves and a lead ladle.

Both figures are by Tom Meier who has his own company -
Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures. I asked about the figure's "MIAMI" t-shirt over on the Thunderbolt Mountain forums, and Tom replied that John went to Miami University (the one in Ohio). He also said that John's Ral Partha character was a sort of cross between Grocho Marx and Cornelius Vanderbilt; now that's my kind of guy! :-)

You can see that post >here<.

And you can read a short article on the origins of Ral Partha by company president Jack Hesselbrock >here<.


Steve said...

I'd be interested in purchasing these if they are for sale. I only have one with a broken ladel :(6

Steve said...

Sorry, follow up email is given here in this email, so please reply here. It would be most appreciated.

Steve said...

Scm 05 @ live . Com

Steve said... - would love to buy these if for sale. Cheers, Steve

Steve said... - would love to buy these if for sale. Cheers, Steve