Friday, September 5, 2008

High Weirdness (or low?)

Here are some interesting pieces from Minifigs "Valley of the Four Winds" series. I remember picking them out of a discount bin just because they were so strange.

(L to R - Shouting Head on Arms, Old Woman Changing into Fire, and Walking Mouth)

(L to R - Spiked Two-legged Cat, Large Head on Legs, and Giant Hand)

I always thought that these bizarre figures would have equally bizarre names; like "Hairbaalis - Cat from Hell". After hunting around for quite a long time, finding the actual names was something of a let-down.

**Update: More Valley of the Four Winds info
Wow. Thanks to datawrangler for opening this can of worms that I can't hope to sort out. :-) It seems that the "Valley of the Four Winds" story (serialized in White Dwarf magazine) was written by Steve Jackson* and Ian Livingstone of Games Workshop (under a collaborative pseudonymn) in conjunction with the release of the VFW miniatures from Minifigs. Sometime later, Games Workshop also released a VFW board game.

You can read more about it in this excellent review at >boardgamegeek<.
(Which also gives a detailed summary of the backstory.)

* That's the British Steve Jackson, not the American Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson Games)

You can see several group pictures of more VFW minis at >stuffoflegends<.

**Update #2: The Great Bell and Tower
The Great Bell and Tower, one of the major story elements and a large multi-piece figure set is being re-released by >Game Figures Inc / Minifigs America<.


The Stainless Steel Nezumi said...

Valley of the four Winds appeared in White Dwarf magazine as a "fantasy adventure." It started in issue #8, I haven't gone back and read it, yet.

Must have been somewhat popular, if it inspired a figure line.

GreyBeardGamer said...

As far as I can tell the story and the figure line came out at the same time.

I've included the new info I found in the main article.

Thanks again!